Times New Viking – Born Again Revisited: “

VBR / 52mb
Year: 2009
Label: Matador

Similar artists: Sundelles, Wavves, Jay Retard, Vivian Girls, No Age

AMG: 4

‘The record sounds like it was recorded in the bathroom of a busy train station with the guitar and organ seriously overloaded, the drums one step above garbage can lids, and the vocals pushing the needle past red.’

Pitchfork: 8.1

‘Because they take such pains to obscure vocals, blow out drums, make one guitar sound like 40, and generally do everything in their power to piss off your speakers, it’s easy to miss what sharp, funny, self-deprecating songwriters Times New Viking can be, a failing Born Again Revisited seems hell-bent on solving. Ignoring their obvious gifts as tunesmiths is just a touch harder here, as practically everything’s been given a bit more space to itself, the enveloping crunch of Rip It Off replaced with a fizzy, reedy haze that puts a tad more focus on the songs themselves. Although every Times New Viking release to date has sported at least one truly knockout tune, the highs here might be the band’s most dizzying yet.’