Wayne Shorter – Speak No Evil (1964): “

1. Witch Hunt
2. Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum
3. Dance Cadaverous
4. Speak No Evil
5. Infant Eyes
6. Wild Flower
7. Dance Cadaverous (Alternate Take)

Review: Though he had a great history before, tenor (?) saxphonist Wayne Shorter came to worldwide attention as a the replacement for John Coltrane in Miles Davis’ second quintet during 1964-70. At the same time, Shorter was recording his own original compositions on Blue Note records. His debut solo work, featuring Freddie Hubbard and his Davis’ quintet partners Herbie Hancock and Ron Carter, Speak No Evil is nothing short of amazing. The artistic direction is very much the same as in Davis’ E.S.P., the same cool, modal jazz impressions, ever as lively as his works with Davis. From the cool ‘Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum’ to the sultry, suave ‘Infant Eyes’, this is a solid record throughout with Shorter at the top of his game.


(Via /shake.)