Do Make Say Think – Other Truths (2009): “Genre: Post-Rock
Website: Myspace
For Fans Of: Tortoise, The Samuel Jackson Five, A Silver Mt. Zion

Do Make Say Think play a lovely folky/jazzy post-rock kind of sound that is really relaxing and laid back. Instead of making use of crescendos and build-ups á la every post-rock band ever they make more use of nuances and subtle changes in their sound to build an atmosphere. On Other Truths the band aren’t quite so folky as they were on their previous release You, You’re A History In Rust but the folk feel is still there along with the memorable melodies and gentle progressions. Also the first track, imaginatively titled ‘Do’ is probably the best track these guys have ever written and has this really awesome urgent vibe and makes heavier use of guitar then any of their other tracks. I just so happen to love guitar. But really, don’t lump this in with every other post-rock band because they don’t really sound all that similar, they play what they want. I guess. Just try it already.


(Via Apes With Guns.)