MASSIVE ATTACK – Splitting The Atom: “

Bristol trip-hop originators Massive Attack have a new EP  in the U.S. and the UK, on Virgin.
The EP, called Splitting the Atom, contains four new Massive Attack songs, two of them in remixed form. And all tracks feature a guest vocalist of some note.Tunde Adebimpe lends his scorched-earth pipes to the new song ‘Pray for Rain’, while reggae great and longtime collaborator Horace Andy singing on the title track. And then, the remixes: Van Rivers & the Subliminal Kid reworked ‘Psyche’, which features former Tricky muse Martina Topley-Bird. And Christoff Berg has his way with ‘Bulletproof Love’, which features Elbows Guy Garvey. 

Splitting The Atom

01 Splitting The Atom 05:17
02  Pray For Rain 06:45
03 Bulletproof Love (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid Remix) 06:43
04  Psyche (Flash Treatment) 03:46

The Attack won´t stop:
‘Splitting the Atom is about the repetition of certain circles and trying to work out where you fit in the loop,’ says Del Naja of the EPs lead track. ‘For us now socially, in the UK, in the new recession, remembering the recession of the 80s and watching us repeat the same thing, I think its interesting  watching the cycle of life, not necessarily positively interesting.’ Enjoy the offical Video in a good xvid-Quality:

Splitting The Atom
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