Lonnie Johnson – Another Night to Cry: “Lonnie Johnson, a talented vocalist and guitarist who chose to spend much of his life playing blues (although in the 1920s he recorded with some of the top jazz stars), had his fifth recording for Prestige/Bluesville (a solo set) reissued on this CD. Since there is only around 34 minutes on this set and none of the individual songs even reach four minutes, this is not one of the more essential Lonnie Johnson releases but it does have its strong moments.- by Scott Yanow, AMG

In the 1920s and early 1930s, Lonnie Johnson was simply the greatest blues guitarist there was. His work with Eddie Lang the guitarist for Paul Whitemans band, as well as his recordings with great jazz bands like Ellington and Armstrongs units, mark him as a founder of Jazz guitar. Even into the thirties, musicians like Robert Johnson would model their work on Lonnies playing and not make that mark.Lonnie had tough times in the depression and afterwards that would sometimes take him out of music. Though he had national R&B hits in the early and late 1940s, Johnson was found working in a store in Philly in the late 1950s and brought back to recording.The old fire he had 40 years before on the guitar may be missing, although on every tune he shows his mastery not just of blues techinique but of Jazz harmony, and the voice is older and lacks the fire of some of his early recordings or the jubilant jive of his work in the 1940s, but there is wisdom here of a man who has lived in these tunes done with just Lonnies voice and a very acoustic sounding electric guitar. When he speaks of Fine Booze and Heavy Dues were know this is a man who knows of what he speaks. He gives you the feeling in all of these tunes of a real person telling you the lessons not only in the words of these songs, but in between the words, behind the words, even the truth the words hide.Playing this and other records of this period are more like having the man over your place. You need to pull out some of your best whiskey. Sit down, pay attention, listen, and learn and gain not just some of his music, but some of his life! – by Tony Thomas, Amazon.com

Artist: Lonnie Johnson
Album: Another Night to Cry
Year: 1962
Label: Oroginal Blues Classic (1992)
Total time: 34:45

Lonnie Johnson (Guitar and Vocals)

1. Another Night To Cry 3:19
2. I Got News For You, Baby 3:15
3. Blues After Hours 3:27
4. You Didn’t Mean What You Said 3:46
5. Fine Booze And Heavy Dues 3:05
6. I’ve Got To Get Rid Of You 2:37
7. Bow Legged Baby 2:46
8. Make Love To Me, Baby 2:54
9. Lots Of Loving 2:47
10. A Story About Barbara 3:18
11. Goodbye Kitten 3:26
All compositions by Lonnie Johnson

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