Women – Women (2008): “

1. Cameras
2. Lawncare
3. Woodbine
4. Black Rice
5. Sag Harbor Bridge
6. Group Transport Hall
7. Shaking Hand
8. Upstairs
9. January 8th
10. Flashlights

Review: Essentially, Women are a indie pop rock group. But listening to Women, you don’t get the feeling that they are. Utilizing many moments of drone, atmosphere, extended chord sequences, Women give their album a more dynamic sound. While it may annoy some, I find it completely redeemable. The album itself is almost perfect (I guess I’m just not hip enough to appreciate the last two songs).Something between the interesting time signatures, catchy melodies, there lies something that is hard not to like. At points you just can’t help but think, ‘maybe this is right, maybe this belongs like so’. Starting with ‘Cameras’ you tell yourself, ‘In either case it’s less than half an hour till the end’. While you ponder on whether or not an album with pop songs surrounded by practically pretentious rock is your thing, Women will have your back. Highlights: ‘Camera’, ‘Lawncare’, ‘Woodbine’, ‘Group Transport Hall’.


(Via /shake.)