Circulatory System – Signal Morning: “

320kbps / 106mb
Year: 2009
Label: Cloud Recordings

Similar artists: Chocolate U.S.A., Marshmallow Coast, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beulah, Of Montreal, Elf Power

AMG: 3.5+

‘Beginning with the rumbling and enjoyably bass-heavy ‘Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant’ — a title that may explain the air of gentle threat throughout, despite the concluding voices of winsome cheer — Signal Morning finds a veteran of Olivia Tremor Control, Will Cullen Hart, with help from not only all his former bandmates but fellow travelers from Neutral Milk Hotel, returning to the Circulatory System name after a break of eight years. The fact that one of those fellow travelers is Jeff Mangum will be reason enough for that performer’s rabid cult to take an interest.’

Pitchfork: 8.1

‘That’s Signal Morning’s greatest strength: It’s a supremely busy record that at the same time doesn’t sound fussed over. When the record’s been seven years in the making, it’s easy to assume that the output has been over-designed (see: Chinese Democracy), but Signal rings fresh.’