Classic Material # 11 – Siah & Yeshua Dapoed – The Visualz Anthology: “

Genre: Hip-Hop
Release: 1996 (re-issue 2008)

1. The Visualz
2. Gravity
3. Glass Bottom Boat
4. No Soles Dopest Opus
5. The Mystery
6. A Day Like Any Other
7. Pyrite
8. Directions
9. The Head Bop
10. Victim Of My Own Imagination
11. Stretch Amstrong And Bobbito ’89
12. Hairy Bird Intro
13. Hairy Bird Reprise
14. The Cure For Stagnation
15. Untitled
16. Stretch Amstrong And Bobbito ’89
17. Transatlantic
18. Halftime Show With DJ Eclipse ’89
19. Gfyh Intro
20. It’s Good For Your Health

21. A Day No Any Other ft El-p, Murs & Muro



one of the best albums originally released on vinyl to get a re-issue on cd with a whole bunch of bonus material. the original vls was only 6 tracks, and featured one of the longest tracks (a day like any other) also included the rare fondle em remix. dont sleep any longer on these two!

(Via Musical Schizophrenia.)