Sister Suvi – Now I Am Champion (2009): “

One of the best albums I’ve listened to this year. Here’s a description from P4K.

‘The ‘Montoronto’-based trio brings a raft of influences to their first full-length, Now I Am Champion, and it takes a couple of listens to enjoy all its strengths. The first impression, from singles like the breakneck ‘The Lot’ or Zeppelin-esque ‘Golden’, is of an off-kilter indie rock act. The production is raw but muddy, and when the songs get loud– and all of them do– the guitars smear and the vocals can be a blur. But then you catch the stellar bass lines (by both Gregoire and Garbus), the groovy shimmy of ‘Desolation’, and the jazz/reggae rhythm and psychotic lyrics of ‘American’. The three-part harmonies are brash but complex, and Dann’s drum parts are relentlessly fascinating. And Garbus sports a uke, but she never treats it gently: The amplification makes it an aggressive lead instrument, and it also sounds great bowed, as on ‘Longlegs’.’



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