X-Ecutioners – Japan X-clusive: “
Genre: Hip-Hop/Turntablism
Release: 1997
Preview: N/A

Tracklist [Track Title (Artist)]

1. ‘Ginga Tankenki’ (remix) (Rhymehead)
2. ‘Michi Naru Tane’ (Naked Artz featuring Rhymester)
3. ‘For Da Bad Boys and Ladies’ (Illmariachi featuring Ikooru)
4. ‘Kyotou 98’ (Naked Artz featuring Rappagariya)
5. ‘Specialist’ (Rral Styla)
6. ‘X-Hibition 1’ (The X-Ecutioners & Naked Artz)
7. ‘Kagi’ (Naked Artz)
8. ‘Real Styla’ (Real Styla)
9. ‘X-Hibition 2’ (The X-Ecutioners)
10. ‘Outtakes 1’ (The X-Ecutioners)
11. ‘X-Hibition 3’ (The X-Ecutioners)
12. ‘Raida’s Theme’ (The X-Ecutioners)
13. ‘X-Hibition 4’ (The X-Ecutioners)
14. ‘I and I’ (Mr Drunk remix) (Naked Artz)
15. ‘Yabasugiru Skill part II’ (Rappagariya featuring Skip)
16. ‘Oosouji’ (King Giddra)
17. ‘Mimawasou’ (King Giddra)
18. ‘Kotoba No Kagaku’ (Rappagariya)
19. ‘X-Hibition 5’ (The X-Ecutioners)
20. ‘Outtakes 2’ (The X-Ecutioners, King Giddra, & Mimawasou)

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Ironically, even though the title implies this was exclusively released in Japan, this album was made available in the United States a year later under the same title. R.I.P. (Rest In Power) Roc Raida!

(Via Musical Schizophrenia.)