Thao with the Get Down Stay Down – Know Better Learn Faster (2009): “

1. The Clap
2. Cool Yourself
3. When We Swam
4. Know Better Learn Faster
5. Body
6. The Give
7. Good Bye Good Luck
8. Trouble Was For
9. Oh No
10. Fixed It!
11. Burn You Up
12. But What of the Strangers
13. Easy

Review: It’s cliche, but there’s nothing like a good sophomore record being shadowed by the debut. Know Better Learn Faster is a bit of a continuation of We Brave Bee Stings And All, with Thao’s familiar voice and the upbeat instrumentation of her and the Get Down Stay Down. But, is there anything wrong with that? Know Better Learn Faster does display some progression in sound, adding some depth, strings, horns, more instrumentation and what not on top. The title track is all more evidence of this. I guess you’re not going to find another brilliant single as ‘Bag of Hammers’ on this record, but it’s just as well to hear something refreshing from the one of the few groups fronted by a female vocalist not sounding like a sell out commercial theme.

‘Know Better Learn Faster’


(Via /shake.)