Higher Intelligence Agency – Freefloater [1995]: “

Música: Electronica/Ambient Techno/Ambient Dub

Comentário AM:

Ambient Dub fanatics like myself should not give this CD a miss. This album and Colourform are probably the best two CD’s of The Higher Intelligence Agency. However, many people who have given these CD’s a less than favorable review are determining that their sound is too repetitious, and in many cases either all sounds too much alike, or the tracks themselves are just not varying enough with the track. I can see how some people can come to this conclusion. If you don’t have a lot of music like this, than it just seems that you are playing this CD too much and letting yourself get bored with it too quickly. Even I don’t care to sit through the entire playback of just the one CD. But, I have determined that this music from HIA should be played within a mix of other Ambient Dub and other various glitch and IDM related electronica. To just play these 9 songs end to end can get dull quickly. But if you listen to these songs mixed in with about another hundred IDM instrumentals than you will truly appreciate HIA’s participation in the overall bigger picture of today’s electronic instrumentals. Today’s IDM. One of the finest examples of ambient electro released to date, Freefloater manages to be at once complex and accessible, laying melodic hooks over funky, often syncopated rhythm patterns and austere bass figures. Warm and detailed, it’s easily HIA’s best work.


Higher Intelligence Agency – Freefloater [1995]