Paul Desmond – Glad To Be Unhappy (1963): “

1. Glad to Be Unhappy
2. Poor Butterfly
3. Stranger in Town
4. Taste of Honey
5. Any Other Time
6. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
7. Angel Eyes
8. By the River Sainte Marie
9. All Across the City
10. All Through the Night

Review: ‘Even though Desmond was kidding when he described himself as the world’s slowest alto player, this record bears out the kernel of truth within the jest. Here, Desmond set out to make a record of love songs and torch ballads, so the tempos are very slow to medium, the mood is of wistful relaxation, and the spaces between the notes grow longer. At first glance, Desmond may seem only peripherally involved with the music-making, keeping emotion at a cool, intellectual arms’ length, yet his exceptionally pure tone and ruminative moods wear very well over the long haul. Again, Jim Hall is his commiserator and partner, and the guitarist gets practically as much space to unwind as the headliner; the solo on ‘Angel Eyes’ is an encyclopedia of magnificent chording and single-string eloquence. Gene Wright returns on bass, spelled by Gene Cherico on ‘Poor Butterfly,’ and Connie Kay’s brush-dominated drum work is pushed even further into the background. A lovely recording, though not the best album in the Desmond/Hall collaboration.’ (allmusic)

It’s not Sunday anymore but it certainly feels like it; hazy, lazy sunny day. Paul Desmond plays the cool, West Coast Jazz that we have heard him do as a part of Dave Brubeck’s band and often collaborator with Chet Baker, Mulligan, etc. Desmond’s alto saxophone is undeniable smooth, and this record collects some really cool moments on wax, moving without any rush at all. Ideal for all for the hippest Jazz cats. Desmond is joined by Jim Hall on guitar, Gene Wright & Gene Cherico on bass, and Connie Kay on drums.


(Via /shake.)