Raymond Scott – Manhattan Research, Inc./Microphone Music [2000/2003]: “

Música: Experimental Electronic/Obscuro/Space Age Pop/Jazz/Swing

Comentário AM:

From listening to his massive output, Raymond Scott possessed a closetful of musical split personalities. This collection lovingly (not strong enough a word, but anyway…) compiles countless examples of Scotts electronic, experimental compositions and advertising pieces, all of which I can objectively say is mind-blowing. Theres not a flabby moment on the sets two-plus hours-worth of the mans (an infamously reclusive mad scientist of the modern age) largely unreleased work. The packaging alone is worth the already too-reasonable price. The only previous comparable release is the PET SOUNDS SESSIONS box set of a couple years back. Scott singlehandedly managed to make electronic avant garde experimentalism both joyously entertaining and psychologically penetrating. Its listenability is endless. God bless Basta Audi-Visuals for their devotion to an almost-forgotten genius! Here are two discs of this eccentric genius music that sometimes will be more familiar than youd expect! A bunch of his compositions were used in Warner Bros. cartoons!(ren & Stimpy,etc…also!) So,you see we were all pleasantly introduced to Raymond Scott at an early age! His compositions are as lively as the cartoons we all remember so well,although not all of his music was used for that purpose.His music conjures up strange and wonderful mental pictures with the use of all sorts of zippy instrumental patter between the players.(His drummer was totally amazing!) Not only that ,but there are pieces here that no one had heard in years because they were recorded and put ‘in the can’ so to speak! So,now all of us luck listeners are gifted with this beauty of a set! A joy to behold and hear!
Please also look into his electronic recordings too!(Through the ‘Manhatten Research…’CD.) Raymond was an ‘unknown influence’ on a young man named MOOG too! It’s just that Mr.Scott liked to keep his innovations slightly out of public eye-shot. Meet this amazing man and his music and you’ll slaver for more and more! INCREDIBLE!


Raymond Scott – Manhattan Research, Inc. [2000] CD 1

Raymond Scott – Manhattan Research, Inc. [2000] CD 2


Raymond Scott – Microphone Music [2003] CD 1

Raymond Scott – Microphone Music [2003] CD 2