bonnie ‘prince’ billy & the cairo gang [2010] the wonder show of the world: “

In the early days of rock n’ roll, releasing full-lengths each year was more or less the general rule. But today, this kind of productivity is in danger of being disregarded as spam. ‘What? Yet another Will Oldham-record?’, I thought. With all collaborations and EPs this guy has something new on the table every other month or so.

But despite the undebateable fact that since ‘Master…’, Oldham hasn’t been entirely convincing with his new material, ‘The Wonder Show of the World’ doesn’t disappoint. The Independent’s Simmy Richman summed it up pretty nicely: ‘Non-essential, but not without its moments.’ (source)

I’d say it has a lot of moments. Take for instance ‘With Cornstalks Or Among Them’, track no. 3: a delicate and tender elegy with striking vocal harmonies that hints at Oldham’s earlier works as Palace Bro. or even slowmotion-indie rockers like Low or Idaho. Or the quiet, ghostly beginning of ‘Merciless and Great’…

Yes, there are some impressive moments that raises ‘The Wonder Show…’ above the last few albums by Oldham.


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