Jaysaun and DJ Revolution – Game Of Breath (2010): “
01 Locker Room Intro (Prod. By DJ Revolution)
02 Cadillac Music (Prod. By Cinematic)
03 Close 2 Ur Soul (Prod. By Explicit One)
04 Simple Mathematics (Prod. By Explicit One)
05 Snake Decapitation (G2 Diss)
06 Crack Rocks And Jumpshots (Feat. Ashy Knucks & S. Castro) (Prod. By Dramatic)
07 Big Love (Infidelities) (Prod. By Explicit One)
08 All On Ur Face (Prod. By Damo)
09 I Dont Believe That (Remix) (Feat. Edo. G & XL) (Prod. By Arabian Knight)
10 On Ur J.O.B. (Prod. By Explicit One)
11 Tourism (Prod. By Arabian Knight)
12 Line Em’ Up (Prod. By Pete Rock)
13 Grand Theft Auto (Prod. By Arabian Knight)
14 One, Two (Exclusive Remix) (Prod. By DJ Revolution)
15 Just laying (Feat. JY) (Prod. By Yomo)
16 Outro / UFC-Team Florian (Prod. By DJ Revolution)



(Via Beatbox Radio Show.)