Jazz Quartet Tribute To Black Sabbath 2007: “Jazz Quartet Tribute To Black Sabbath

This is very special album. Black Sabbath and jazz? Oh yes, this 4 guys rediscovered 4 Black Sabbath songs with Ozzy, 1 song with Dio and 1 Ozzy Ozbourne song into jazz. It sounds a bit weird, but after a few listening it sounds quite good and very unique. The only weakness of this Jazz quartet is the instruments sound like if it was recorded in a garage. Not bad bat it was able to do a bit better. An album not for the masses. I recommend it for an every open minded Black Sabbath fan. There are some very progressive and dark lines, like it was made by King Crimson in jazz. I hope you will like it.
Oh by the way, the personnel is: Cory Wong (guitar); Patricio Toledo (bass guitar); Zach Schmitt (drums); Stanley Schmitt (keyboards).
Recommended for everybody with open ears.

(Via hannibalsite.)