Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson – United States 2009: “Paul Gilbert & Freddie Nelson – United States

As a guitar player forever, I’ve got everything Paul has put out (going back 20 years ago). Each one is entertaining and demonstrates his phenomenal playing ability. This one doesn’t disappoint and it has vocals to boot. I have many of new albums but there are only a few I play on a regular basis. This is working it’s way to one of those. Freddie Nelson is reminiscent of Freddy Mercury in both the sense of being a great singer, and, being a power singer. And Paul Gilbert compliments each song with fresh and inventive licks. The emphasis on this stuff are the songs and not the individual talents (which definitely these guys are) but there’s enough showcasing to hear how good these guys are. If someone asked me, I’d say get it. A great melodic album from a new era.
Highly recommended for every melodic rock fan.

(Via hannibalsite.)