shearwater [2010] the silver bodies SONG + some other stuff: “

Now, after ‘False Sentinel’, the second vinyl-bonus track from ‘The Golden Archipelago’. The second one was pretty well hidden within the tracklist, so I didn’t notice it at first. Yes, I am that superficial.

‘The Silver Bodies’ is a very quiet song and very good, and it makes sense to place it a little earlier on the album than at the end.

Here it is: link

Then, regarding other news concerning Shearwater:

a) They have shot an video for ‘Hidden Lakes’:

b) The voluminous ‘Golden Archipelago’-dossier (lyrics and other cool stuff) is linked here: clickhereclickhereclickehere. Awesome.

c) I have integrated the bonus track into the regular digital download of ‘Golden…’, so that now it’s a 13 track-album, just like the vinyl version. Get it here: link

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