Baths – Baths (2010): “

1. Apologetic Shoulderblades
2. Lovely Bloodflow
3. Maximalist
4. ♥
5. Rafting Starlit Everglades
6. Aminals
7. Indoorsy
8. You’re My Excuse to Travel
9. Rain Smell
10. Seaside Town
11. Mecha Joy
12. Palatial Disappointment
13. Departure
14. Hall

Review: Pretty good mixture of folk, electronica and glitch. Expect lo-fi, breezy, heavy beats, filtered synths, keys, drums, some falsetto-ing, and cut+paste. Like… Memory Tapes, but really IDM. My creative writing skills are at an all time low, suffice to say I recommend this baby like butter.



(Via /shake.)